Types of Diabetes

types of diabetesDiabetes which is also referred to as Diabetes Mellitus is a type of ailment where an individual has very high levels of blood glucose. This disease can either be a result of the body not being able to produce the necessary amount of insulin or the body cells deciding to ignore the glucose that is produced thus causing the cells to starve. Some of the most common symptoms which are associated with diabetes include frequent urination, sudden weight loss, excess urine, vision changes, extreme hunger, numbness of hands and legs, feeling exhausted all the time, having extremely dry skin, having sores that do not heal faster, nausea, stomach pains and so much other symptoms. It is very important for one to visit the doctor so that they may get a diagnosis whenever they experience a number of these symptoms.

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes can be classified into two types. These include type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

For type 1 diabetes, the body of the individual affected fails to produce any insulin at all. This type of diabetes is however very rare and it can be quantified to encompass only 10% of the people who are living with diabetes. This type of diabetes is also known as insulin dependent diabetes. The pancreas of the affected individual does not make any glucose at all which therefore negatively affects the body. The age group of people who get this type of diabetes is those who are below 40 years of age. For such, treatment would require one to get insulin injections for the rest of their life and also carry out regular blood tests.

For type 2 diabetes, the body fails to produce enough insulin or at times the body cells fail to react to the insulin produced thereby creating insulin resistance. This type of diabetes is more common as its prevalence takes about 90% of the people who are living with diabetes. Type 2 of diabetes is very easy to control by simply keeping in check of one’s weight and also monitoring their blood glucose levels in regular intervals.

Gestational Diabetes:

This type of diabetes only affects the women during their pregnancies. As such, their blood sugar level raises and at times the body fails to produce the needed insulin. Diagnosis of this type of diabetes can only be done during pregnancy the easiest way that one can follow to enable prevent gestational diabetes is by making sure that one consumes very low cholesterol during their pregnancy. This type only affects pregnant women. When this diabetes is not treated, it can result to a lot of complications for the mother and the baby but it always disappears after the pregnancy. Others may include surgery, drugs, malnutrition and many others.

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Supplements Aiding in Weight Loss

PhenQ is a very important supplement that has helped very many people in their journey to lose weight successfully. The secret behind this success is the ingredients which have been used to make these pills. These include:

Caffeine: The people who want to reduce weight are at most times asked to drink caffeine and caffeinated products. The main reason why this is so is because caffeine is also found in many weight loss products apart from energy drinks. Caffeine can be described as a type of stimulant reduces tiredness and sleep therefore increasing an individual’s alertness. This makes it very important in the PhenQ pill because it assists in reducing tiredness making it possible for one to work out well ad continuously.

Capsimax Powder: The main ingredient that is I the capsimax powder is capsicum. In addition to this there is also vitamin B3. This mixture has black pepper which increases thermogenic features in the individual who takes it. This is very important as it helps in cutting of fats at a very faster rate. It literally melts down all the flab that may be in the body. It also aids the body to not store any fats. Nopal: The main ingredient in making nopal is cactus. This is important for its high density in fibre. This fibre makes the individual to feel full all the time therefore repressing their cravings and appetite in general. PhenQ has this in its content as it helps in giving the people a full feeling.  Using this is a sure way of keeping your own weight under check effectively.

Chromium Picolinate: Chromium is a natural mineral. This miner is mainly found in legumes, vegetables and also in meat. The role of this I to aid in keeping the carbohydrates ingested under the needed volume ad expelling the excess. It does this y making sure that the blood sugar s kept I heck at all times. Calcium Carbonate: This is very important for the body. When the body as enough calcium in it, it will not be in a position to store too much fat which is healthy and beneficial as it will aid in the breaking down of the excess fats to give out energy.

L-Caenitite Furmarate: this ingredient is mainly found in all types of nuts and also found in red meats. This is very important when it comes to weight loss as it is vital in the breaking of fats into energy which is made use of by the body. This at the long run makes the body avoid storing any excess fats. This in the end results in weight loss which is the desired end result.

All of these ingredients used in making PhenQ are certified to be safe for human consumption.

Losing Weight Around the Belly Area

belly fatlossTo most people, losing fat around the belly is considered to be a very hard task which is not the actual case if one puts in the effort that is required and stick to it. There are very many ways that an individual can follow to lose the fat that is on the belly area and be able to create abs thus come out with an attractive and more appealing figure.

Very many have set their mind in losing the belly fat but ended up failing. The main reason why this may be so is due to lack of proper combination that would work best in targeting the belly area. The first step that one needs to have is setting up of a target that is realistic which can be achieved since it will keep you motivated when you get to at least one milestone.

It is also important to be completely committed in losing the belly fat as this will act as a motivation that will push you to achieving your set body targets. This article will cover some ways that one can apply to help them cut off the belly fat.


It gets a little difficult for most people to follow a new diet but it is a sacrifice that one needs to be willing to take for their own health. When dieting, it does not mean that you starve your body.

You only have to eat healthy. Stay off sweets , chocolates, and also bicarbonate drinks which have too many calories that are in excess therefore get converted to fat that is most of the time deposited around the belly area.

One should instead try and eat more fruits and salads that are made from raw vegetables; these are very healthy as they will help in filling ones body without adding any fat to it.


This is the most essential component that helps most people lose the extra fat in their bellies. The exercises that one needs to do are those that target the abdominal muscles.

When one is able to create strong muscles in the abdominal area, the fats there get shaped like the muscles thus are burnt. The best types of exercise that can help one cut off belly fat include swimming, running and also rowing which is not known by very many people.

These exercises are the most recommended as they make use of all the muscles that are in your body. As such, they are very effective in burning the fat that is deposited along the belly area.

Drink a Lot of Water:

Finally, you should learn to drink a lot of water. This is the most easiest way of expelling hunger pangs and staying healthy as it keeps the body hydrated and can to an extent help in cleaning and washing off fats.

Following these three tips will help one able to lose belly fat in a considerable period of time.